Project: A series of screen prints created to form the visual language for The Line sculpture walk on the River Lea in London.
Client: The Line/The Beautiful Meme

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Printed in 3 to 8 colours, including flourescents and metallic inks, the experimental prints attempt to convey peoples varying personal interpretations of the walk. One thing that ties all these experiences together is the presence of the water. We looked at the interplay between the sculptures, the environment, water refractions, reflections, distortions, varying angles, viewpoints and perspectives. The river's refractive qualities could be seen as a prism through which each person walking The Line creates their own individual view and take on what they have seen.

A selection of test prints were chosen and used for comp slips and foil blocked with the logo. The screen prints were also scanned and photographed for use on print media and for the website.

Project: Magazine cover design, 500 unique hand screen printed covers, plus litho printed regular cover design.
Client: Print Isn't Dead / People Of Print

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Screen printed covers

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Litho cover
Project: Screen printed, double-sided fold-out sleeve and printed interacting plastic sleeve for 'Psych For Sore Eyes 2' double 7" album, edition of 500.
Client: Sonic Cathedral

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Project: Portrait depicting the brutalist architect Paul Rudolph whose carreer touched both great highs, and lows.
Client: Architectural Revue

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Project: Black ink illustration for architect's homepage.
Client: Patrick Lewis Architects (click for larger image)

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