Immersive, screen print, light and sound installation, in collaboration with musician Sonic Boom at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

The piece is  inspired by the concepts of Animism - personality in inanimate objects and the arts of visual distortions embodied in the strong illusory patterns of 'razzle dazzle'. 'Dazzle' is a type of visual distortion , similar to a non-environmental camouflage , and was used on merchant and battleships alike to stunning effect in both World Wars .

Unlike environmental camouflage - where one seeks to blend with ones surroundings , non-environmental camouflage seeks merely to confuse - Like the harmless caterpillar that pretends to be a 'backwards' venomous wasp - confusion, not camouflage is sought... Another source of inspiration is the humble cuttle fish , one of natures most dramatic & unique creatures. capable of both environmental & non-environmental camouflage , this master of morphing is able to dramatically transform skin texture, match any background colouring as well as to morph its body shape so dramatically as to be hypnotising to any predator. At the same time it is able to oscillate vibrantly in colours not seeking to camouflage but literally to 'dazzle'

Client: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia / Arts Council England